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Skåne Lag is one of the oldest Viking reenactment groups in Sweden with the base in Scania (Skåne). Our goal is to recreate the Viking period in the end of the Scandinavian Iron Age (8th to 12th century). Within the group we highlight the value of teamwork, friendship and an exchange of ideas and thoughts between members and other reenactors. Today the group has around 40 members spread across Sweden, Denmark and Germany. During the summer, many of our members participate in different markets across the world. Skåne lag as an association is managed by a member-elected board who oversee the group, the economy and the policy.


A worldwide organisation

Skåne Lag is part of a worldwide living-history organisation called Jomsborg. The name Jomsborg derives from the legendary warband Jomsvikings. These mythological warriors once made up a brotherhood spanning across the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia in the late Viking age. They are belived to have had their stronghold on the island of Wolin in today’s Poland and figure in both archaeological and historical sources. The modern Jomsborg was founded in 1988 and today it includes over 40 lags (groups) with more than a thousand members. Jomsborg is divided into five Storms spread all across the world, where Skåne Lag is part of West Storm. In true Viking spirit Jomsborg is lead by an elected Jarl. As with Skåne Lag the whole of Jomsborg aims to recreate Viking Age culture in an authentic way where everyone is welcome. Read more at the Jomsborg website: jomsborg.co.uk.

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