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Viking life

A huge part of Skåne Lag's focus is the historically inspired competitive fighting, this is a full body contact sport with blunted steel weapons. Everyone is welcome to join the weekly practice, regardless of prior experiences. The viking society is like a large family where everyone helps and learn from each other. Join the community to explore a whole new world and gain new friends for life. In the beginning, we help you with all the practical stuff; clothing, equipment, weapons, etc. As you get more experienced we help you in the process of getting your own gear, so all you really need to do is to reach out and get started.


How to get started

As a beginner, you train together with an instructor in order to learn the basics before practicing with the whole group. Skåne Lag has a useful mentor system where everyone who wants can choose a more experienced fighter to get extra help from. Together we aim to have a safe and fun atmosphere in the training hall. We train once a week in Malmö, contact us if you're interested.

Tusedays 19.00-21.00

Stenkulaskolan, Malmö

Once a week

We meet and train together, we train in a structured format and have two trainers that will help you become a notorious warrior in the viking world.

Extra family

With Skåne Lag you get an extra family. With different backgrounds and skills we get together and help each other out, just as a family should.

New friends

Everyone is welcome in the viking community and you will get new friends all around the world. Both within and outside your group.


For the peaceful-minded

For the more peaceful-minded, Hjärtat is a noncombatant sub-group within Skåne Lag, focusing on handcraft. Led by the Husmor you will learn everything from dyeing yarn with herbs and plants to cook over the open fire. Just as the fighters have their training, Hjärtat arranges their own meet-ups during the off-season. But during summer, we all travel and live together as one big family.

Become a viking

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