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Traders, craftsmen, warriors, plunderers, explorers, adventurers and pioneers. These are just a few words that describe the fascinating group we call Vikings. On rune stones we recall their lives, battles and travels. We can read about how they influenced the places they came to in written sources from all across the European continent and the Middle east. Even when the Vikings are described as ruthless plunderers, "witnesses" cannot help to also show their fasciation and respect. We are an reenactment group striving to recreate this fascinating chapter in history and relive the everyday lives of the men and women who walked these lands more than a thousand years ago.


Live a simpler life closer to nature. Live by what the earth can provide, just as our ancestors have done for centuries.


A big part of the reenactment scene is fighting. It is a full body contact sport with steel weapons, nothing for the weak one.


As a warriors you will enter many epic and intense battlefields with hundreds of warriors and tons of adrenaline.


The viking society is like a large family where everyone help each other. Join the community and find new friends for life.


Loose the stress of the modern world. Fight, feast, eat and drink, the markets and campaing life is quite enchanting.


The Viking Age is one of the most mythical and intriguing periods in history. With the help from both archaeological finds and written sources we conduct a form of experimental archeology where we recreates the Viking Age society on a full scale. Historical authenticity is very important and we try to keep all our equipment, tools, and clothing as correct as possible, always hand made and preferably with an actual find as precursor. To the most of us this is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and we spend hundreds of hours of training fighting techniques, studying and crafting our equipment. In opposition to role play or larp, you don’t have a role to play or scripts to follow, you are just yourself living as you would during the Viking age, without the stress of the modern world.


Sword · Axe · Spear

There was a strong warrior culture in the Viking society and weaponry skills and strength were highly respected abilities. Every week, the fighters of Skåne Lag draw their swords, axes, spears and shields and fight together. It's a full body contact sport were we fight with real steel weapons, so it's no place for the weak ones. Fighting requires technique, strength and speed as well as trust in your team and respect for the opponent. Together we prepare for the battlefields where we line up to fight our enemies. In that moment, we stand united beneath our banner and become part of history.


Metal · Jewlery · Cloathing

For over a thousand years the artifacts of the Vikings have been kept below ground. Today, with the help of archaeology these objects are rediscovered and studied. Many of the members in Skåne Lag have devoted countless hours to learn the crafts from the Viking age. We create the most beautiful jewelry and metal work as well as woodwork and carvings. Wool and linen are spun and colored using only authentic methods. The colorful yarn is used in tablet weaving, needle binding and for creating clothes. Just as natural as it once was to our ancestors to craft what they needed, just as natural craftsmanship comes to the reenactment lifestyle and you’ll learn techniques used for thousands of years.

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